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IATS offers transparent pricing via a flat monthly rate with no gateway or setup fees. Nonprofit customers receive an itemized listing of all iATS fees to better understand the total costs of processing payments. It is known to be the cheapest crowdfunding site because it provides small fees for all campaigns. The standard fee for individual campaigns is 4.9% and there is also an additional 3% credit card fee. Campaigns that reach a certain donation level receive discounts. When your project has raised from $50,001 to $500,000, the fee will be 4.4%; from $500,001 to $1,000,000 – 3.9%; all donations over $1,000,000 are charged with a 2.9% fee.
It offers social media integration, mobile-friendly campaigns, and personalized branding options. Are you looking for some online fundraising ideas to raise money for your nonprofit organization? Getting involved in online nonprofit fundraising not only taps into a whole new audience base, but offers your organization a fresh new approach to raising money for your cause. While Donately does not have Fun Fundraising Ideas and glamour of other organizations, it’s convenient and easy to use. With Donately, non-profits can set up eye-catching landing pages, add donations forms to their websites, and raise money for specific campaigns. The Funds2Orgs platform allows you to set up a shoe drive to raise money instead of asking for monetary donations.
This solution offers innovative tools for advocacy, fundraising, marketing, event planning, and e-commerce. Kindest is an online fundraising, marketing, and donor management platform that’s ready to bring your nonprofit outreach to the next level. This fundraising site is dedicated to prioritizing social responsibility, meeting their clients’ needs, and making the world a better place. Fundraise Up is a unique online fundraising solution that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive fundraising engagements, conversions, and revenue through the roof. A few of their most noteworthy features include easy-to-use building blocks for better donation pages, streamlined checkout and payment processing, and smart behavior pattern analysis.
You could talk about them constantly, at all of your events, in every email newsletter. You have all these volunteers who have these amazing talents, and they’re more than happy to donate them to you. Let’s say you have a volunteer who is a fantastic beer brewer, and they’re willing to do a beer brewing class for you. You could set up events for them to do it online and “charge” a donation to participate. People can set up their own campaign if your organization has a Facebook Page, and the donations come straight to you.
DonorDrive has partnered with Double the Donation’s matching gift automation software to drive more matches to completion and secure more corporate dollars for your organization. Structured as a team-based tournament, the funds raised by each team translates to certain advantages (or “power-ups”) they receive. The campaign culminates in a day of board games with the winning team hoisting the coveted gauntlet. The second metric is the impact created by donors as part of the campaign.
So if you’re looking for a cutting-edge, donor-friendly, and trusted all-in-one fundraising platform that you can use for free, look no further. One fee you can’t avoid is payment processing costs, which typically range from 1.99 to 2.9% + $.30 per transaction (or more). Every fundraising site will have this payment processing fee, and the card processors levy these. However, some platforms have found a way to cover these processing expenses for their users by requesting optional donations from supporters. Instead, choose software specializing in several event types so fundraising events run smoothly.